Salaam Alaikum, I thank Allah who led me to Dr. Ahmed all I’m saying is thank you for your effective powerful lost love spell, effort and time you invested in my situation. Walai Dr. Ahmed never gave up on me, never refused to answer my questions even though I was asking him many times a day and making continuous calls. He did never told me that he’s busy not until all my relationship problems that I was facing went back to normal on my side.  I was denied to marry a woman of my life by her family due to religious differences but now we're happily married with no harm to anyone through Dr. Ahmed’s powerful lost love spell and traditional healing practices everyone is safe as you promised me, sir, the first time I contacted you. Alhamdulillah...
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Clients from St Thomas Georgia USA

I contacted Dr. Ahmed inquiring on what do when I need to cast a powerful marriage spell proposal on my boyfriend. Yes, I know my boyfriend loves me but I would like our love relationship to go further and be strong with permanent settle. Doctor, please advise because am scared maybe some other days he may break up with me because I needed him to propose me and we get married, Now I’m asking for procedures? Dr. Ahmed helped me and as I’m speaking, my relationship is very fine and I don’t have doubts about Dr. Ahmed’s traditional healing practices towards the society.
Jennifer Annistons St Thomas Georgia the USA
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Testimonials from London UK

I sent an email to this powerful native healer Dr. Ahmed inquiring if it’s possible to come and help my family here in London UK because I and my husband won't manage to travel to his home since it will be expensive for us to travel together. The problem we having in the relationship has been going through until the day I contacted Dr. Ahmed. It has been 7 years while we trying to look for a child but we failed, Medical doctors said we don’t seem to have any problem and they can’t tell why I can’t conceive. Then I paid the trip for Dr. Ahmed to the UK and he only took 3 days while conducting his spiritual work and then he went back to Africa. I’m so happy that he gave fertility spells to boost me and I got pregnant for a baby boy. Thank you, Dr. Ahmed
Vanessa stones the London United Kingdom
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