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Attraction love spells in Scotland

Attraction love spells in Scotland to make someone love me; is designed to make him or her love you intensely, like he or she never loved someone before. Contrary to the “bring back an ex-lover spell”,

The goal of this attraction love spell in Scotland is not to restore the love feelings to a previous state, but literally to create a love feeling inside the heart of the spell’s target. 

For the “make someone love you spell in Scotland”, there are 2 distinct cases: the first one is the easier case to solve and requires a friendship feeling between the two future lovers. 

In that case, my work will consists into changing the friendship feeling into love feelings thanks to my spell. The second case, which is also harder, is when there is absolutely no feeling between the two persons involved in the spell. 

I will then have to create a brand new feeling to unite the two future lovers. In both case, the person targeted by the spell will make the first step to ask you to be together with him, or her